More About Me


Darcy's passion for real estate started at the age of eleven when she built her first fort from a single piece of plywood that her father brought home. Nothing has really changed since then, except for gaining a lot of experience!

For over four decades, she has been involved in nearly every facet of real estate. She has built oceanfront estates from the ground up, fliped foreclosures, been an investor, helped investors and designed remodels for resale.

Now, she works primarily as an agent and loves it. Nothing makes her happier than to see people living in the house they want! She has helped many first-time owners – who thought they could not afford to stay in Santa Cruz. She knows how to market luxury estates, handle the coastal commission, resolve red tags, add ADU's and create group buying situations.

Darcy is a long-time resident of Pleasure Point. Her lived experience as a local, who has survived both boom markets and bust markets, means she understands how to navigate the ups and downs of our real estate climate. Where there is a will, there is a way!

Throughout her life, she has had three consistent loves; family, property and the outdoors. She graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree mostly in skiing. She and her wife have raised three children together. When Darcy was fifty, she gave birth to twins, who are now teenagers. Life is never dull! 

Her whole gang loves backpacking, traveling, and hiking. While traveling in Cambodia and Viet Nam they stayed with families in stilt houses in remote villages. Darcy is always fascinated by what makes a home for someone.  In Cambodia and Viet Nam, she learned that many generations can live together and sleep on the floor and still feel the pride of ownership. There is no one right way to make a home.

Her goal is to gain your trust and confidence. Every real estate transaction should feel easy, and you should feel like you got the best deal possible. Being a successful real estate agent is about connecting with all people – and really listening to them – to help make their housing dreams come true. Darcy wants to be a part of your journey.